Life Events


Northern Beaches Anglicans is committed to a warm and embracing baptism ministry that honours the biblical understanding of baptism as an outward sign of an inner desire to follow Jesus Christ. We are committed to baptising people of all ages who are willing to embrace Jesus as Saviour and Lord either through personal confession of faith or by the confession of faith of parents answering on behalf of their children. We welcome enquiries and the opportunity of meeting with people in preparation for baptism. There are no fees for baptism.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Initial enquiry through the Parish Office ph 66541370
  • Preliminary visit to discuss the meaning and responsibilities associated with baptism
  • Another one or two visits to explore Christian faith
  • Baptism service within one of the Sunday services at a mutually agreeable time
  • Follow up visit as an encouragement to ongoing faithfulness
  • Feel free to openly discuss your needs and


The conduct of weddings is one of the delights of local church ministry. As Christians we celebrate marriage and family life and are committed to providing a foundation for fruitful, faithful marriages. In preparation for marriage we ask couples to participate in an internationally acclaimed course PREPARE that is initially conducted online. In our Rector, we offer a minister who is accredited, skilled and experienced in using PREPARE. There are fees for marriage that will be discussed in the introductory interview.

Our marriage preparation looks like this:

  • Initial enquiry through the Parish Office ph 66541370
  • Introductory interview explaining the legal and church requirements and introducing couples to the marriage preparation course PREPARE
  • Online completion of PREPARE questionnaire
  • Two follow up interviews to work through PREPARE outcomes and shape the wedding ceremony
  • Wedding rehearsal prior to the marriage ceremony


At Northern Beaches Anglicans we are very conscious of the complexity of life and the profound impact of death. We are committed to intensive pastoral care during times of grief and to the provision of compassionate funeral services in the church building or at the family’s place of choice. We believe that funerals are very personal occasions and so we work with grieving families to shape an appropriate service within the framework of the Anglican Church’s liturgy. We have the facilities to enhance funeral services by the use of multimedia presentations. Requests for assistance at times of grief can be made directly to us on 66541370 or through the Funeral Director of your choice.